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Elastic Slider is responsive Joomla module that rotates slides and display some textual content over the slides. This content is grouped in 4 containers: heading, subheading, paragraph and button. The appearance of the content groups is based on the eye pleasant jQuery animations. This animation is a combination of increasing of the opacity and text scrolling. The navigation buttons are placed on the bottom part of the module. If cursor is above any of these buttons, the thumbnail image of that slide will be shown. The thumbnail images are automatically created by the module, so you don't have to create them manually. Also, the fact that module uses smaller image decreases the memory consumption and makes the animation slighter.

There are many parameters available for this module and you can reach them in Module Manager > Elastic Slider. The parameters are grouped in several groups and can be used to determine module size, style, navigation style. Also, this is the place where you can add images and textual content into the slide slots. You can have up to 20 slides.

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